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Germany, Spain, France, Switzerland, Egypt, Tunisia, China and growing


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Showcase MI5


What does it do?


Well in short: The machine produces custom made cookie-burger and cocktails.

With a little few words more, it is a machine, that uses the newest, state of the art technology of the automation industry. We show our interpretation to a modern Industry 4.0 machine. It is divided into seperate, intelligent modules, each connected with Ethernet over OPC UA. We use automation hardware from Beckhoff, B&R, Bosch Rexroth, Siemens and Phoenix Contact, all in one machine.

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Who we are

We are a team of students, working together to achieve what we could not do alone. While some of us do a Bachelor or Master thesis, others just work in their free time.

At the moment we are mostly mechanical engineers with a focus on mechatronics. We have some informatic students and support from the psychology department to take ergonomical aspects into account. If you are also interested to join us, please write us an email at the end of this page.

Progress Redesign


Team Munich

team 1

Carolin Hecking - Engineering Science

team 1

Diego Ortiz - Mechanical Engineer

team 1

Dominik Serve - Engineering Science

Dominik is happy with breaking the frontiers from Engineering Science to Computer Science. So far, he is engaged in CloudLink, Startup, HMI and similar software topics.
team 1

Sebastian Fruth - Mechanical Engineer

team 1

Kilian Meßmer - Live Simulation (since Dec 2013)

Kilian is combining his bachelor thesis about simulating automation processes with Industrial Physics. The simulation is touching parts at system design, XTS and HMI.
team 1

Jonas Fischer - System & OPC UA Communication Architecture, XTS PLC Implementation (since May 2014)

Jonas combined his bachelor thesis on reconfigurable, skill-based systems with the MI5 Showcase System Architecture, using OPC UA Technology. His second main task is PLC Implementation & Integration with focus on the XTS.
team 1

Markus Händl - Agile Development (since Dec 2013)

With a focus on mechatronics, Marcus is at the end of his studies and combines this project with his final thesis. In this thesis, he tries to port existing scrum methods to a mechatronical approach and leads therefore the agile development in the teams.
team 1

Oliver Wangler - Systemdesign (since Dec 2013)

As a master student in mechatronics and control engineering, Oliver is responsible for the system design. Besides the technical aspect he is responsible for public relations.
team 1

Thomas Frei - HMI, CloudLink, MAS (since Dec 2013)

Studied at the ETH Zürich for his BSc in mechanical engineering, he now focusses on electronis and informatics. He developed the web-based HMI, the CloudLink-Backend and a distributed control system during his Master Thesis.

Team Spain

team 1

Guiu Riera - PLC Programming

Guiu did a bachelor in Industrial Electronic Engineering and currently he is studying Mechatronic engineering at UVIC-UCC. He is responsible for PLC programming and software development.
team 1

Matheus Tomio - Mechanical design

Matheus is studying an international bachelor between Brazil-Spain in Mechatronic Engineering. He is responsible for the printing models and mechanical design.
team 1

Carles Sala - Mechanical design

Carles combines his bachelor thesis about mechanical design with the project MI5. He is studying mechatronics engineering at the UVIC-UCC. He has participated in First Tech Challenge competitions.
team 1

Laura Martínez - Web design and Public relations

Laura is studying Multimedia degree at the UVIC-UCC while she is doing workshops there. She is responsible for the web design and public relations.
team 1

You maybe? - Coder

We are always looking for motivated students, that want to join our adventure into the new age of Industry 4.0
team 1

Joan Mauri - Agile Mechatronic Development

Joan Mauri was part of the MI5 Munich team and he was doing an internship at ITQ. He promoted the beginning of the Spanish team. He combines his bachelor thesis about Agile Methods in Mechatronic development at UVIC-UCC.


team 1

Cristina Mas - Mechanical Restructuring

During her studies of Mechanical Engineering at IQS University and Business Administration at ESADE-Business School, both part of Universitat Ramon Llull, Cristina carried out an internship at ITQ GmbH to further elaborate the mechanical reinforcement of the Showcase Mi5 demonstrator, as well as minor improvements for other modules.
team 1

Marc Vives - CAD design

Marc is studying at Universidad Ramon Llull in Barcelona and doing an internship at ITQ. He worked in the CAD development of the cup dispenser and the Packaging module simulation.
team 1

Maximilian Stupp - Engineering Science

team 1

Stefan Kopfinger - Mechanical Engineer

team 1

Stephan Lukas - Computer Science

team 1

Thomas Behrens - Cookie (May - Nov 2014)

While Thomas is doing his IDP (interdisciplinary project) at the department for informatics at the TUM, he is working on the cookie-module. Programming in IEC 61131, and using BOSCH technology.
team 1

Michael Gerigk - HMI Documentation (May - Nov 2014)

Michael is doing his Semester Thesis about integrating the HMI development into the Quality Gate. He is also drafting sketches of possible HMI views.
team 1

Firas Belarbi - PLC (May - Dec 14)

Firas is doing an internship at ITQ, during his Bachelor in Electronics at TUM. He is learning PLC programming and other techniques.
team 1

Jordi Mas - Construction (Mar - Sep 2014)

Jordi studies at Universidad Ramon Lull in Barcelona and is doing an internship at ITQ, during which he is taking big part in the mechanical construction and communication.
team 1

Xulin Su - Construction (May - Nov 2014)

Xulin is construction the cookie module. Being from Pejing, he is studying at the TU Munich. He likes the diversity in our team.
team 1

Julian Fichtner - Cocktail (Feb - Nov 2014)

Julian is working on the cocktail module. He is also responsible for its construction and its programming.
team 1

Yang Zhou - Quality Strategy (May - Nov 2014)

Yang is doing his studies at the TU Munich and is focusing on the quality of our development process.
team 1

Robert Tauber - Cocktail (Feb - Nov 2014)

Robert is responsible for the construction of the cookie module. He is also wiring and programming the cocktail module, while he can profit from his practical education before his studies at the TU Munich.
team 1

Sherif Mostafa - XTS (Dec 2013 - Feb 2014)

Sherif was on a german school back in Kairo, and is working on the XTS during his last semester of his Bachelor at the TU Munich. He moved to the USA for his masters.
team 1

Marvin Becker - Cookie PLC (May - Nov 14)

Marvin is doing his Bachelor at the TUM and programming in the cookie module.
team 1

Bernat Cortes - Construction (Mar - Sep 2014)

He is studying at the Universidad Ramon Lull in Barcelona and doing an internship at ITQ. Constructing the main frame, he is also redirecting the movies.
team 1

Björn Lütjens - HMI Frontend (since May 2014)

While studying general engineering sciences, he is taking a deep dive into web-technologies with JavaScript as part of the HMI.
team 1

Georg Mayer - Project Organization (Dec 2013 - May 2014)

During his masters at the TU Munich, Georg was part of the very first team members of Project Mi5.

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Bernat Cortes: 41.411962, 2.131333
Oliver Wangler: 48.266149, 11.671103
Thomas Frei: 47.375723, 8.547941
Sherif Mostafa: 30.022395, 31.206815
Marvin Becker: 52.296492, 8.894921
Firas Belarbi: 36.806495, 10.181532
Xulin Su: 31.282182, 121.506310
Nils Wendt: 48.856614, 2.352222
Jonas C. Fischer: 48.689396, 10.161095
Georg Mayer: 48.829513, 12.954601
Kilian Meßmer: 47.682564, 11.576504
Michael Gerigk: 48.370545, 10.897790
Oliver Wangler: 48.766535, 11.425754
Joan: 41.927376, 2.253193
Matheus von Biveniczko Tomio: -25.563537, -49.179735

Contact us

Please leave a reply and contact us for more information about our project. We are always looking for motivated partners and student to support us.

contact info

  • Address: Projekt MI5 – ITQ GmbH, Parkring 4, D85748 Garching bei München
  • Telephone: +49-89-32 19 81 70
  • Email: info@projectmi5.com

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