A Catalan in the Canary Islands

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Hi guys,

This is Martí. As Úrsula explained few posts before, I’m from Catalonia and I’m doing my Mechatronics Engineering Internship here in ITQ – well, just finishing. I’ve been working since 20th of June and I’ll end in two weeks, at 8th of August. I’m so sad about that, the time has flown by…

In my opinion, and as I supposed it would be when I decided to apply for this position, I’ve learned a lot (mostly a lot of new programming languages). That’s why I did it. But, of course, the weather and the place helped too.

However, during my stay here I’ve discovered that it’s not true what is said about the weather in the main land Spain. I hoped for it to be 30 degrees all day, and that’s why I only brought summer clothes, but that was so far from reality. The first two weeks I spent here, I was very cold. Here? In Gran Canaria? Unbelievable. I thought about buying some thicker jeans, but fortunately the weather got better.

In my free time, only at the weekends ?, I have visited some parts of the island. I visited Triana and Vegueta during the first few days. I found a library that has a really nice sentence in a board:

“It’s worth the pain if a tear, a sigh, a laugh or the breath is stolen from you… If the thief is a book.”

Going home with the Guagua (this is what they call the bus), I take this picture because the landscape amazed me. It is so different from where I come:

Then I visited Teror, a small village in the middle of the island, and last week I visited a place my co-workers recommended to me, la Caldera de Bandama:

Unfortunately, I won’t have enough time to see everything I wanted from the island. So probably I would come again someday. Hopefully, to keep working here :P.

In the next post, I’ll talk about the project I’m working at and my experience in the company. But now I don’t have time. I’m going to south to discover a beach with dunes. I can’t wait to see that.

See you soon, or “a reveure” in Catalan,


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