A day in Las Palmas

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Last week we already presented you the people we work with, here in the Parque Científico Technológico. Now we want to take you on a trip around Las Palmas and our offices.


The Parque Científico Tecnológico is located at the university campus of the Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Even though it’s called the University of Las Palmas the major campus is located in Tafira, aproximately 8km before the gates of the Gran Canarian capital. For the mayority of us, who are living in Las Palmas, that means one thing: trying to catch a yellow Guagua, the public busses, and join the other students every morning.



Finally arrived at the Parque Científico the first face probably everyone, who wants to enter the Edificio Polivalente II, III and IV, Soraya, who we already introduced last week.

60 steps later we arrive at the third floor of the Edificio Polivalente IV – the home of our four offices. 🙂


We already presented you the progress of our Autonomous Driving project some weeks ago. If they are not sitting next to the Twizy in front of the building, you can find Marco and Daniel in our second office.

The third technical office is often distinguished by its continuous humming produced by our delta robot. During the last months it was used quite frequently to present the delta robot during different fairs simultaneously with the complete Smart4i Demonstrator in Germany.
Last but not least we also have our Business office, where all our administrative and organisational tasks are realised.

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