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Last week we were invited to join the rest of the VDMA Demonstrator team in Munich, thanks to Dr. Stetter’s kindness.

As unbelievable as it may sound, it was the first time abroad for some of us, so this was not only an opportunity to meet our other teammates, but also our chance to get to know the famous and beautiful city of Munich.

Once arrived in Munich, we understood why so many germans like to spend the winter in Gran Canaria.

After arriving at our hotel, we went out to the Christmas Market, where we also met Jonas! We missed him so much. We got a chance to try Glühwein (hot wine), which caused confronted feelings on most of us, don’t ask.

Apart from that, we went to a really nice restaurant, where we were fascinated by the bavarian food. Anyway, it was all tasty and it was the first time we tried german beer!


However, the goal of our trip was to get in touch with other members of the development team and to work during all night on our modules. The VDMA Hackathon started with Dr. Stetter´s motivation speech.

Then we all attended the different workshops offered, which would allow us to keep progressing on our corresponding parts. After the workshops, we had lunch, and shortly after was the start of the non-stop hackathon. When I say non-stop, I mean it. We spent the whole day and night at the ITQ office, we even slept there. It was a great experience working with so many people aiming for the same goal.

This was the bed three of us used, for a crazy night of three hours sleeping. Others prefered their sleeping bags.



After the hackathon, every team presented all their work. Then we went back to the hotel and took a well deserved break, which means we were already asleep at 15:30. But it wasn’t enough for what was waiting for us the next day…

Do you want to know what happened? Wait until the next post!

This is an example of how we endend up…



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