Amazing people with us!!

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Hi guys, how is it going? 🙂 Some weeks ago, we incorporated three new members to our team, and I am going to introduce them to you!

First, we have Jesús. We is form Lanzarote and staying a few weeks in our Las Palmas office he went for working in one of our teams in Germany! He came to an interview and he passed all the tests we put him, and now look where is he!! He is the person with the most contagious laugh, and his love for his cats is something that surprises you. We are looking forward to see him very soon!! Unfortunately, we don’t have a picture of him right now, but as soon as he comes back to Gran Canaria we will show you a photo of him 😉

Afterwards, we have Luis, we met him in the Makeathon. He is from Sevilla, and he is going to work in Germany in a team with Jesús in a few weeks! He is super hardworking and effective, after a short while he always finds a great solution for his tasks! Also, he is kind and caring, he always has a smile in his face!

Last but not least, we have Eric, our German guy is working and doing his internship with us. We moved him from Schwäbisch Gmünd to Las Palmas and we also met him at the Makeathon! He is working with virtual reality, it is super funny, just as him! ?

All of them are the best in what they do, that’s why they are working with us ? That’s all for today, hope you have an awesome week, see you!!

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