Back to normal

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As the post-Makeathon preparations are almost finished, we nearly went back to our „normal“ life – but what means a normal life.

This week we rented a new office to set up our robot and our other new toys there.



We are very happy about an additional new office room. That means more space for our very fast growing team. But that also means – moving all the things from one office to another. Especially our Delta robot had to be brought to its new home. And that was not the easiest task as you might imagine. To re-establish its full funcionality we had to assemble the single parts and connect all the cables correctly. That took quite a while but now with the start of the weekend we are finally finished!




In Addition to that there is still much organisational stuff to do, especially when you get a new office room.

Mi5´s marketing team is also already working on the Makeathon 2017 Aftermovie, which will be available soon. Especially Undine Gebhart who will be part of our team until end of September is pretty busy with the movie. Welcome Undine!

Furthermore Dr. Stetter is still here in Gran Canaria and definetly enjoying the beautiful weather and the amazing view – of course in the nice Smart Green Island Shirt 🙂

For a fresh start into the weekend there are still some videos you might have not seen yet. Check out the ITQ YouTube Channel and reminicise this amazing weekend!


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