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Throughout this week, our Team made progress in all the modules related to the VDMA Demonstrator.

Our German guys, Johannes and Paul, set up the hardware for the Image Recognition Module putting into place the methacrylate glass, the powerbanks and our new amazing camera.

IMG-20161118-WA0001   IMG-20161118-WA0010











In addition, they fixed  the camera position to detect the specific area where the powerbanks are placed. They also started testing the robot to determine the extreme values for the X and Y coordinates to decide which would be the working area.  The reason for this is to establish how many powerbanks we are able to place on the robot working area.


The highlight for our German Team Members was to print some hardware material in front of the beach to fix the methacrylate glass.


Due to this new setup, our Image Recognition Module works even better as now everything is in a fixed position. Moreover, our Team is working on the calibration of the image recognition to increase the quality of the picture and avoid light contrasts.




After an exhausting day until 11pm of work our German members decided to fly back to Germany, but only in their dreams!



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  1. Thomas Frei

    “our German members decided to fly back to Germany, but only in their dreams!”
    Love it 🙂
    However I think he would rather dream about having a cool and authentic Sangria during a warming sunset at the beach, rather than a rainy autumn in Germany.


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