Busy days: arrival and last preparations

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Roadtrip completed! This morning our travellers arrived at the harbour of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and therefore an amazing trip finds its end.


Night impressions during a small walk around the deck.


After spending the whole Wednesday looking at the Atlantic ocean, this morning they could finally say: land in sight! Las Palmas welcomed the arriving travellers with beautiful sunny weather – a great start for an exciting weekend.

It just took them a couple of minutes to reach their final destination where they could finally rest a little bit.


Meanwhile at the INFECAR: the last preparations for tomorrows beginning of the Makeathon are in full swing.

We had to bring all the needed equipment to the event place – easier said than done, because it was too much for one trip. At the INFECAR we already assembled the banners and the computer monitors as well as store the first beverages for this weekend.

We are ready – you too?

We are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at 9:30 at the INFECAR.

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