First Meeting Mi5 Colombia

Mi5 in Colombia – Kick-off Meeting


On the 19th of August the Mi5 Bogotá student group started officially the operations with a kick-off meeting. Unfortunately the meeting was held on Saturday and 15 students participated while other 10 were unable to attend. Students carefully listened to the presentation by Professor Giacomo Barbieri, teacher at the Mechanical Engineering department of los Andes University, who explained the proposed challenges for this semester and the mission of the Mi5 group. Since Colombia is mainly an agricultural country, our focus topic will be on the use of technology in agriculture: smart farming.

The kick-off meeting showed that the students participating in Mi5 are not only curious about the 8 challenges proposed, but they are also committed to their country and to their own learning. The challenges are not easy, but everyone is motivated and ready to begin working. Out of the 8 challenges, 6 of them are sponsored by Colombian companies dedicated to using technology in agriculture (and other related areas), one of them is sponsored by los Andes University, and one of them corresponds to the organization and coordination of the Mi5 group. Detailed information about the challenges can be found at our Facebook page (Mi5 Bogotá) and soon in our webpage .

One of the objectives of the meeting was to get to know the participants, so each student presented himself and chose the challenges that interested him/her the most. The most popular ones were the challenges proposed by Win2sol (automation for aquaculture) and Israriego (automation of drip irrigation systems for urban farming). Most of the students are engineers from los Andes University, but there are also designers, administrators, political scientists, and marketers from 3 other universities. Today, 2 weeks after the first meeting, over 40 students are involved.


During the meeting we all contributed together to define the guidelines that we will follow as part of Mi5. Here we decided that a weekly meeting should be held between each team and their industry advisor, and one meeting of the entire Mi5 group should be held on a monthly basis. The location for this meeting has not yet been decided, but hopefully we will find a place with a TV where we can hold an informal meeting.

We have high expectations for Mi5 Bogota, where interdisciplinary and interuniversity work will strengthen research on smart farming in Colombia, and it will strengthen the link between industry and academy. For the students this will mean much more than a line on their CV. Participating in Mi5 will require for them to develop skills that will help them to become the leaders of tomorrow, and they will give agriculture in Colombia the chance to thrive once again.



As part of Dr. Stetter ITQ commitment with education and new technologies for Industry 4.0, and considering the big success of our previous “Smart Green Island Makeathon” held in Gran Canaria, we are proud to announce our next major event: February 2017 Makeathon. This time, we have decided to do things a little bit differently. Thus, we will be holding different workshops during the whole event. Some of this workshops are conceived as an introduction to the Makeathon itself, such as the Robotics Workshop, where participants will learn tons of cool stuff for their projects, whereas others are more oriented to current industry professionals.

We would like you to come and experience our next Makeathon. Professionals and students from all disciplines & all semesters are invited!




SMART Automation Austria 2016 – Summary

From the 10th to 12th of May, we had the chance to present the Mi5-Demonstrator @ the SMART Automation fair in Vienna.

In collaboration with the Technikum Wien we also had the possibility to integrate and present our new chocolate printer module.

Regarding the name of the trade fair, we combined virtual modules (XTS, Cookie separator, Topping modules) with real modules (Cocktail, Chocolate printer) in one hybrid demonstrator.



On Monday, one day before the beginning of the trade fair, the teams from Munich and Vienna met each other @ 3 p.m. in the Technology park. Immediately after the unpacking and building up of the demonstrator, we integrated our new chocolate printer module for the first time and could directly order our first chocolate cookies via tablet.

Good communication and clear interfaces during the development made this possible.



We had many interesting and exciting conversations with visitors and partners from the industry & universities.

In addition, we had an amazing time @Vienna and we will be back soon:)



Impressions of the SMART Automation:

Pictures from

FEEI Management-Service GmbH/APA-
Fotograf/in: Katharina Roßboth

FLL 2016 – Go Robot

Since Project Mi5 is all about modern education, we also support soon-to-be engineering students.

I was very lucky, that I could work together with this very ambitious team from the Gymnasium Ottobrunn: Go Robot. After their participation on the world final in South Africa last year, they continue to amaze. In a very successful pre-competition in Munich and Regensburg, they managed to qualify for the European Final in Hungary on March 19th and 20th.

They told me this (paraphrased):

“You have to work really hard to go to a final. But once you are there, you will learn from the best teams and make new friends from all over the world.”

This young team manages to make our modern media usage look immature: Have a look!

We wish you all the best! I hope you rock the final!

Best regards – Thomas


PS: You can also find more information on their website:




Trade Fair Roadmap for 2016

We invite you all to come to our next exhibitions on the following trade fairs:

  • Hannover Messe (April 25. – 29.)
    • Mi5 mechatronical tool-chain
  • Smart Automation (Mai 10. – 12.)
    • Mi5 Cloud Connection
  • Robotics Day Vienna  (June 2nd)
    • Mi5 Cloud Connection
  • Automatica Trade Fair Munich (June 21.-24.)
    • Complete Showcase Mi5 with Cloud Connection and Live-Feed during Competence Day of ITQ GmbH.
  • sps ipc drives (November 22. – 24.)
    • Showcase Mi5 – newest features

Please note, that some dates and details might change.

Project Mi5 Live Stream

We are now able to stream live video from the ITQ office to the world. Watch it!

Note: Since it is a LIVE stream, you can only watch it, if there is a live video transmission. Maybe you will get lucky. Best shots are around 11.00 o’clock in the morning, or somewhere between 15.00 and 17.00 in the afternoon.

If you want to see our machine in action, or are like “I don’t believe stuff, I can’t see for myself”, you can ask for a personal live demo. Just let us know.


European Mi5-Hackathon on March 11/12

Project Mi5 is launching the next iteration. We will do a european Hackathon with students from Aalen, Vienna, Barcelona and Vic.

The date is Friday March 11, and Saturday March 12 of 2016.

If you are interested, leave us a comment below or send us via our contact form.

If you want, you can also attach a short CV or give a short description of yourself.

To give you some impression, we attached the video from our last hackathon:

European Hackathon:

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HWT Aalen: 48.837771, 10.073615
Technikum Vienna: 48.239291, 16.378116
TU Munich: 48.264671, 11.671391
UVIC: 41.933962, 2.247903
Universidad Ramon Lull: 41.411983, 2.130795
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icon-car.png Fullscreen-Logo KML-Logo
HWT Aalen
Hochschule Aalen, Beethovenstraße, Aalen, Germany
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Technikum Vienna
FH Technikum Wien, Höchstädtplatz, Vienna, Austria
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TU Munich
Garching Forschungszentrum, Garching, Germany
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Universitat de Vic, Vic, Spain
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Universidad Ramon Lull
Universitat Ramon Llull, Carrer de Claravall, Barcelona, Spain

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Best regards and see you soon
Thomas – Project Mi5

New virtual demonstrator

We are currently building a complete virtual demonstrator, that will use 5 x 24″ Multitouch panels in the back, each for one module, 2 x 34″ monitors in the bottom for the xts in real size (2 x 86cm diagonal), 3 IPCs for the simulation, 2 Laptops, 1 HMI Multitouch 24″ panel.

Thanks to B&R for the support for the Touch Panels and the IPCs.

We will keep you updated on our journey to the virtual industry-ready production facility.