ITQ wishes a Happy New Year!!

Hey guys, we hope you had happy and relaxed Christmas and we wish you the best for this new year. May this New Year bring you the dreams and hopes you need to start each new day afresh 🙂

We are very proud of all the projects in which we have been successful and for which we are going to surpass and create this year. We hope that new people will come to work with us, either to learn, to collaborate in new ideas or to carry out new projects that are in line with our goals.


This new year brings a lot of cool projects and events and the closest one is our third Smart Green Island Makeathon, that will take place on 23-26 February. We would like you to live this experience with us and learn how it is to carry out a prototype quickly with everything that goes with it, such as the development process or the use of new technologies. Take a look here and enroll 😉 , we are looking forward to see you there.


“If life seems to bring sadness and tears, show the world how you can laugh at your fears.”

Make life a dream and your dream a reality. Happy New Year!

Think in Innovation – Lopesan Event

Last week we took part in the great Think in Innovation event celebrated by Lopesan Hotel Group, where we had the opportunity to program and implement cool ideas provided by Lopesan employees in our smart robotic mate, Pepper, sponsored by Plexus.

The event took part on Friday 17th in an amazing location, the Lopesan Baobab Resort, where the competition results were presented.

Here you can see that the event was even broadcast on TV 🙂


The whole competition was organized by Lucía Santana, the Research & Development Manager, for sure one of the nicest people we met 🙂 You can see how great the mood was.

Each one of the participants had to develop an idea during two days for finding out how Pepper can contribute to the hotels for making the guests get in touch with the concept of Life 4.0. The event was an ideas competition and ITQ took part with a team of developers and we worked together with other participants in an inspiring environment around robotics topic in Lopesan’s innovation offices. During the ceremony Óscar Herrera, the Innovation Manager of Lopesan Hotel Group, awarded the winner of the competition, who was our colleague Daniel Hormigo. Gongratulations Dani!! We are very proud that one of our team mates won the competition, yeeah!!

During the event some of the developments implemented in Pepper were showed. Here we can see Óscar interacting with him during his amazing presentation!


It was a really nice experience to work together with Lopesan Hotel Group developers.  Interacting with the cute Pepper was really cool, everybody wanted to take a pic with him and we also didn’t want to miss the opportunity 😉

Michael Enslin, Lars Bornecke, Daniel Hormigo

 We are looking forward for next cool collaborations with Lopesan 🙂


Think in Innovation -Lopesan Event is running

Hola!! from the great Lopesan Think in Innovation event.

Several makers are coming together this week in the Innovation Offices of the Lopesan Hotel Group.

One of the main actors in this event is the really smart and cute Pepper robot. One of the tasks is to figure out how Pepper could make his contribution in the hotel environment for making the stay at the hotel smarter and make the hotel guests get in touch we the idea of Life4.0

As you can see the team is in very good mood..

….and at the same time we are quite busy. Tomorrow we will give you an update which crazy ideas we developed 🙂

Smart Green Island Makeathon – February 2018

Dr. Stetter ITQ announces Makeathon 2018

We are proud to announce our third Smart Green Island Makeathon 2018, that will take place in February.

ITQ has the commitment to educate and teach young people for preparing them for the challenges which they will be faced due to upcoming new technologies and fast development processes which will be necessary.

Part of this commitment consists in celebrating amazing technological events like our Makeathons, where in only few days teams can develop stunning prototypes and show how fast development should look like.

In our previous Makeathons people could learn tons of cool stuff and get in touch with current industry professionals. You can get an idea about how impressive would be the next Makeathon taking a look to our previous one in this video:

We would like you to engage yourself in this awesome experience!! Students and professionals from all fields are welcome to participate. If you are passionate about technology and you want to have fun within a young and creative community register here:


Registration Makeathon 2018


It’s also a cool opportunity to visit the sunny Gran Canaria!! We are looking forward to see you in an impressive event!! 🙂




Think in Innovation – Cooperation with Lopesan

We are proud to announce our cooperation with the Lopesan Hotel Group!


Lopesan´s luxury hotels are situated in Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Punta Cana, Germany and Austria. Featuring more than 5000 rooms available in 4 different countries.



Lopesan has an own Innovation department, which is for sure one of the hottest here in Canary Islands. They organize innovative events – so they share the ITQ spirit of agile and fast development.

They already supported us during the ITQ Smart Home Summercamp 2017, which was a great experience for both sites.

The next upcoming event is the 6th edition of Think in Innovation, an ideas competition, which will take place the next week from 13th to 17th November in the south of Gran Canaria and it’s a great opportunity for its contestants to be part of an initiative that encourages and rewards creativity. The final presentations on friday are going to be held in one of the amazing hotels. During the event several teams of developers will come together in an inspiring environment to work on innovative ideas around the topics of robotics and home automation. This year the main actor will be Pepper – a very friendly and smart humanoid companion 🙂


ITQ will take part in the event with a team of developers and supports as a strong partner the whole event. We are looking forward to develop our ideas and share them with Lopesan developers and also excited about intercating with Pepper 😉

We will keep you up to date, which great stuff will be developed during the event – stay tuned! 🙂

Summercamp 2017 aftermovie

Our first “Smart Home” Summercamp was really successful!! Very motivated participants joined us. They had 5 days for developing innovative ideas as well as prototypes on the topics of Smart Home, Smart Garden, Smart Mobility and Smart Live in general.

We are very glad about the awesome feedback and we are looking forward to the next one. Many thanks to all participants and sponsors – special thanks to our Platinum Sponsor – AMK !

And now enjoy the  “Smart Home” Summercamp Aftermovie !! 🙂

If you like it, don´t miss the opportunity to join us at the next Makeathon in Gran Canaria – further details will be published very soon..



Summer Camp overview

The last week we celebrated our first amazing ITQ MI5 Summer Camp!!

It has been 6 great days, with great creativity and energy, but also exhausting, where some nights we have not slept to take advantage of this unique opportunity and implement incredible projects with industrial hardware and software, only available to a few who work at a high level in the world of engineering. As we have told you, Dr. Stetter has invited us to the new “La Smart Villa” and has given us the opportunity to automate and develop cutting-edge systems. The four teams that have been formed have worked in several areas, although interconnected with each other, so there has been continuous collaboration and knowledge has flowed from one group to another.

There is much to tell, but we do not want to write a book 😉 So we better show what we have done.

One team controlled with an app the garage door, the lights of the house and the pool as well as the doors of the house. Great job guys!!

The HomeRacer team offered a solution that integrated autonomous driving with robotics for home use, where the robot could map the rooms of the house, save the information and clean the empty spaces. It can be controlled from the computer or from the mobile and you can see what the robot is seeing at all time on your device. It was great to see the robot circulate among us while we worked without crashing into any obstacle. Yeah robots are fun !!

Team “Solar Flower Power” developed a great system! With their work the solar panels are able to follow the sun. We had a problem solving the transmission of the movement for the rotation of the panels, but in the end the guys have thought of using a bicycle chain. Luckily, Dr. Stetter knew a bike shop and we were able to buy the necessary equipment. Yuhuuu !!


Surely you have wondered what the solar panels would be used for, well, they feed the Gardenbot with sustainable energy. Within 5 days the team has assembled and connected it, wow !!

After the final presentations of the projects we have all met to dine together with our sponsors. It was great because we did a barbecue and spent the night in the garden and pool 🙂

Mr. Huneke from AMK – our Platinum Sponsor – was telling the participants how deeply impressed he was by what we could achieve within a very short time thanks to our intense work.

It has been a great experience and we are looking forward to the next ITQ event, the Makeathon 2018, so stay tuned!!



ITQ Mi5 Summercamp 2017 is running

Hey guys, we have been telling you the last few weeks that we are going to celebrate the Summercamp in Maspalomas, in Gran Canaria. Well, you know what, we’ve already started. Dr. Stetter has given us a crazy wish list to make La Smart Villa the most cutting-edge in Canarias. We have gathered people from Germany, Austria, Spain and India.
On Sunday the participants arrived and we went to the airport to pick them up, although the car was full of our things, because we, the participants from Gran Canaria, have been invited to stay in the villa as well. You see, we were very comfortable in the car.

At Smart Villa everything was ready, with lots of material, provided by our sponsors – special thanks to our main sponsor AMK –  as well as by ITQ. The ground floor of the house had become a development lab.
The participants were so excited that they did not leave their luggage in their rooms, but left it in the hall and couldn´t wait to explore the villa and to drink something in the garden. It was very important to try the pool 🙂

But the fun was not only in the pool and the BBQ. The opportunity is unique, to be able to control the whole villa, having all the resources for it. So we got downstairs to work. The plan was simple: sort the material we have and make teams to focus on several areas. Finally we have four teams: Smart Homeracer, Gardenbot, Solar Flower Power and Let the force be with you.

Here you can see some of our teams during the daily pitch sessions.


Stay tuned, from now on we will keep you updated about the progress. For now we can only say that we are having a lot of fun!! 🙂

It’s about to start: our Summercamp

There are only a few hours left until our first Project Mi5 Summercamp starts. While the first participants are already going to arrive today, there was a lot to do during the last days.



Beside providing all the electronical, technical and mechanical components, that should be used during the Summercamp to build new, fantastic prototypes and establish life-changing technological solutions in the area of Smart Home, we had to prepare the villa, the venue of our Summercamp, to host around 15 people. Therefore we also prepared the garden and the pool, as the weather here in Gran Canaria is still sunny and summerlike.

We hope that this beautiful weather will boost creativity and push the motivation of our participants even more! Are you already as curious as we are? Stay tuned for our updates and accompany us during our first Summercamp in Maspalomas.


Summercamp Preparations

The Project Mi5 Summercamp is coming closer and closer and we have got our hands full with the planning and organising processes.

The finca – our future smart home – has to be prepared to welcome all of our guests and to be them a home for one week. In the South of Gran Canaria, in the midst of sand dunes and green gras, our participants will find their residence. One of the tasks of the Summercamp is to collect ideas to turn the villa into a smart home: cleaning the house by itself as well as a overview system to monitor the water system are just some ideas.
The house offers the best possibilities for our projects!



Furthermore our Farmbot is assuming its nearly final shape! The FarmBot is supposed to take another big part in our Summercamp as the big garden offers many options for Smart Farming devices to either mow the lawn or grow own vegetables and fruits. As we already finished the software tasks to coordinate the robot, we used the last weeks to print a lot of components and assembled them together.

Take a look at our gallery: