VIP Event @Smart Villa Maspalomas

Heeey, what’s up guys?! Do you remember our Makeathon? (I hope the answer is “of course” 😉 )

Today we want to show you some pictures of the evening our visitors spent on our amazing ITQ Smart Villa! In the Smart Villa we welcomed the sponsors and decision makers from several great companies to convince them what an attractive place Gran Canaria is 😉

As you can see everybody had a wonderful time there!! 🙂

And here is our CEO Rainer Stetter with his new gong :mrgreen:

The gong was a present from the ITQ project organization team, which were also guests during several days at the Smart Villa. They could enjoy the amazing Maspalomas weather and also could discuss some new development approaches in an inspiring environment. 😎

We are proud of having people as amazing as them here with us and we hope to see them (and you) very soon!!! 🙂

ITQ is gonna take Spain!!

Okee lets have a look….

We have already done almost everything cool you can imagine in Germany and our network there is as strong as our compromise with technology and education 😎

Now we want to do the same in Spain yaay!! Gran Canaria is awesome with plenty of sun, great people, our high-tech offices and the coolest villa in the world, the ITQ Smart Villa. Yeah, we did great in Gran Canaria and the set up is the coolest for developing engineering!!! Gran Canaria is our sweet So now we want to conquer the rest of Spain 😉 and we thought that the easiest is to go to the capital and take it, so we went to Madrid, but wait!! in the middle of our way to Madrid we stopped in Sevilla because the trees in the street have oranges XD loooook:

So it came to our minds to set up an innovation lab and we already have 4 motivated students and a cool professor and why not? :mrgreen: We also hired an engineer from there and he jumped into a plane to Gran Canaria!!

In the pic there is the motivated Sevilla crew for the Mi5 lab and the cool professor Juan Becerra (University of Seville).

Ok, now back to Madrid…

Hhmm Madrid is crazy big you know, but that make the challenge more interesting 😛

On Monday we came the second time to Madrid and 5 students and a motivated professor were already waiting for us 😎 So, we are preparing the opening of a new ITQ office in Madrid and an innovation lab in the University of Alcalá. We are happy to have already friends in the city for hanging out and going for tapas and drinks…

In the picture we are with the funniest professor in Spain, David de la Mata (University of Alcalá), and the team for the new Mi5 lab in Madrid (yaay!!! they are all girls and all engineers).

Come on, one week, two innovation labs and one office in two cities and 9 students and 2 professors involved and 1 engineer hired, life could be worst 😎

We really love Madrid, you see everywhere people working with their laptops, so it is a cool environment for us.

Nice buildings, friendly people, good food.. all the things we are used to from Gran Canaria we also find here 🙂

Ok one thing we don´t have in Gran Canaria.. a Google Campus!! :mrgreen:

Of course we had to check this location and now we are proud members of the Google Campus family 😛

Before we leave this place tonight, of coooourse we had to publish a job offer in this wall. Because we couldn´t agree who is the better designer we started a little competition in drawing the offer hehehh

Tomorrow we tell you more about our adventures in Madrid… 🙂




Smart Green Island Makeathon 2018

Hi guys, first of all, thanks to all the great Makers for taking part in this amazing event!!

It was super nice to meet all of you in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria during the Makeathon 🙂

We are really proud how the story “Smart Green Makeathon” developed within the last 1,5 years..

We started with 49 participants at the end of 2016 and this year we had 167 participants and including guests more then 220 people in the event. I would say that´s crazy amazing!! 🙂

Our student network already consits of people from 39 universities:

Okayyyy enough of diagrams and numbers. We are sure you want to see some pics of what was going on over here during the Makeathon days. Here you go…

The event was opened by the President of Gran Canaria Antonio Morales and our CEO Dr. Rainer Stetter. He is the initiator of the whole Mi5 network and the person who makes all our great events possible.  “The high priest of coming together and do things different..” – Thank you Rainer 🙂

Here you can see the teams with their awesome prototypes. We had again a very wide range of interesting prototypes.. from the team City Trash Collector which worked with hardware from our Platinum sponsor AMK till the Smart Gym Buddy which helps you to count the reps during your personal workout.

On Monday the event ended with really cool final presentations. The quality of the presentations was really breathtaking and the whole audience was listening astouned…

Some voices from the After-Makeathon-talks..

  • The event was great! I didn’t expect to meet so many people from so many countries, it made me practice my English for sure 😉 It was challenging to make the prototypes in so little time, but it was so much fun and very rewarding to see what we could achieve as a team. The mood of the event was great, everyone was very open and cool. It was a amazing experience that I will remember and tell people about.


  • The Makeathon was an awesome event. I made many good experiences and I will keep it as a really nice memory. It was also a good opportunity to connect with companies and get industrial contacts.

We love that you liked our event! That motivates us to continue with our approaches of educate young talents and bring people from all over the world together – in the unique environment of our Smart Green Island.

Stay tuned.. the next days we will tell you a bit more about what happened during the event. And mayyyybe we will also tell you some funny details..

For now the whole

says: Hasta luego chicos!!

Second day of Smart Green Island Makeathon 2018!!!

Hey guys!! How is it going?

Today our work teams started to build the projects. It’s a sunny day and we have started with a lot of motivation to work with the projects that the participants presented yesterday evening.

Our young talents had begun the day with a cup of coffee and planning the tasks to get on with it. Many of them already have progressed enough and there is a wonderful environment of teamwork and a lot of motivation and enthusiasm!! We are seeing the first results!!

At 12.30am we all have gone out to take a picture with the dron simulating ITQ’s initials. It was a really entertaining moment, we even did the wave!! Everyone, professionals, participants and staff shouted at the same time “ITQ” as a war cry!

After that, the professionals went to the South to have a sundowner in the Lopesan Baobab Hotel and then a networking event and a BBQ in the Smart Villa.

Okayyy guys, sorry for the short post, buuut now we have the presentations, we hope you have enjoyed and see you tomorrow!

First day of Smart Green Island Makeathon 2018!!

Hi guys, yesterday we were so busy preparing everything for today! We were so excited and a little nervous, but now all it’s done and the Makeathon is officially started.

This morning, the President of the Cabildo of Gran Canaria came to visit us and to inaugurate this amazing event. We appeared in the local news talking about our company and expressing our gratitude to our sponsors once again

Today we had pizzas for eating and, surprisingly, after a few minutes, they “disappeared” 😉 Apart from that, all was presentations and meeting new people from other universities and countries. The majority of the participants now have a team!

There are so many coaches helping the groups right now and learning from them too.

See you tomorrow!


Thanks a lot to our sponsors – ITQ Smart Green Island Makeathon 2018

Yeah!! The third Smart Green Island Makeathon is getting closer and closer. In only one week it takes place in Gran Canaria and we expect more than 200 people. Really amazing!!

We are supported by great companies, with their strong cooperation we will have the coolest event in Gran Canaria 😀  Therefore, we would like to thank all our sponsors for their support and cooperation! And very special thanks to our Platinum Sponsor – AMK!

Platinum Sponsor:
AMK Group

Gold Sponsor:

Silver Sponsors:
Centigrade, MathWorks, Leoni, Optima, Phoenix ContactCabildo de Gran Canaria , SPEGC – Sociedad de Promoción Económica, CocaCola

Bronze Sponsors:
Sigmatek, Arrow, Plasser&Theurer, Böllhoff, Robel, Aquabona, Lopesan


We are looking forward to see you all next Friday in Gran Canaria!!


Conference to conference

Hello world, we hope you had a great week! We want to share with you what we have been doing this week.

Yesterday, we went to the Gabinete Literario to a conference of Claudio Alonso, the CEO of Domingo Alonso, who told us about the “Mobility in changing times”. First of all, we are grateful to him for inviting us and we hope to see him in our Makeathon in a few weeks 🙂 . It was an enjoyable evening, it was different and it had very good discussions about the environment of our planet and how to help them with green cars. The two most outstanding points were the criticism of the Gran Canaria train project and the suitability of our islands for electric vehicles thanks to our climate and geography, which we which we find very interesting according to our goals. In conclusion, we were very happy for being invited. Just for you to see how it was, here are some photos:


On the other hand, we went too to a conference in the Paraninfo of the Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, in where they talked about to recognize the work done by external internship tutors in companies in the last course 2016/2017. We appreciate we have been invited too to this conference and we are proud of having the best tutor, or that’s what we think 😉 Thanks to you, Lars!


To conclude this post, we invite you to do your curricular practices here with us, we will want to have people like you!

Have a nice weekend 🙂

Our Past Week in Las Palmas

Hey guys! How was your weekend? We hope you enjoyed it and we hope too you started the new week with the biggest smile!! 🙂

Throughout the last week, we have been busy with our projects, some preparing details for the Makeathon, such as inventory (counting all the materials and organizing them) or designing the banners that you will see when the date comes, others doing interviews,

others taking care if the FarmBot is running well, others taking care of software and learning how to use them… we’ve done everything you can imagine!



We are also installing a new office on the ground floor of the Parque Científico Tecnológico, take a look!

We’ll show you better when it’s finished inside, that’s just the outside (the door is at the back 🙂 ).








Only the weather is a little bit crazy… It can go from very sunny to completely cloudy. To give you an idea, these photos are only an hour apart…


… and noooooow: this is the weather in the south of the island 😀


But, anyway, we’re good here, and there’s nothing better than having a full stomach to have the strength to keep working!


See you soon, have a nice week! 🙂


ITQ wishes a Happy New Year!!

Hey guys, we hope you had happy and relaxed Christmas and we wish you the best for this new year. May this New Year bring you the dreams and hopes you need to start each new day afresh 🙂

We are very proud of all the projects in which we have been successful and for which we are going to surpass and create this year. We hope that new people will come to work with us, either to learn, to collaborate in new ideas or to carry out new projects that are in line with our goals.


This new year brings a lot of cool projects and events and the closest one is our third Smart Green Island Makeathon, that will take place on 23-26 February. We would like you to live this experience with us and learn how it is to carry out a prototype quickly with everything that goes with it, such as the development process or the use of new technologies. Take a look here and enroll 😉 , we are looking forward to see you there.


“If life seems to bring sadness and tears, show the world how you can laugh at your fears.”

Make life a dream and your dream a reality. Happy New Year!