It’s about to start: our Summercamp

There are only a few hours left until our first Project Mi5 Summercamp starts. While the first participants are already going to arrive today, there was a lot to do during the last days.



Beside providing all the electronical, technical and mechanical components, that should be used during the Summercamp to build new, fantastic prototypes and establish life-changing technological solutions in the area of Smart Home, we had to prepare the villa, the venue of our Summercamp, to host around 15 people. Therefore we also prepared the garden and the pool, as the weather here in Gran Canaria is still sunny and summerlike.

We hope that this beautiful weather will boost creativity and push the motivation of our participants even more! Are you already as curious as we are? Stay tuned for our updates and accompany us during our first Summercamp in Maspalomas.


Summercamp Preparations

The Project Mi5 Summercamp is coming closer and closer and we have got our hands full with the planning and organising processes.

The finca – our future smart home – has to be prepared to welcome all of our guests and to be them a home for one week. In the South of Gran Canaria, in the midst of sand dunes and green gras, our participants will find their residence. One of the tasks of the Summercamp is to collect ideas to turn the villa into a smart home: cleaning the house by itself as well as a overview system to monitor the water system are just some ideas.
The house offers the best possibilities for our projects!



Furthermore our Farmbot is assuming its nearly final shape! The FarmBot is supposed to take another big part in our Summercamp as the big garden offers many options for Smart Farming devices to either mow the lawn or grow own vegetables and fruits. As we already finished the software tasks to coordinate the robot, we used the last weeks to print a lot of components and assembled them together.

Take a look at our gallery:



Lots of new faces

We’re in the middle of August and summer has reached its peak – that means: empty offices, people on holidays and no new tasks, right?



Even though the temperatures in Gran Canaria are on a constant rise, the sun is shining the whole day and the majority of the population of Las Palmas enjoys the weather at the beach, our four offices at the Parque Científico Tecnológico are quite crowded!

We have a lot of new summer interns who want to spend their summer holidays improving their knowledge and skills.



Furthermore we also got new teammembers that are going to accompany us long term for 6 months or even longer! We are really keen to start all the new projects with new manpower and a lot of great ideas.

But we aren’t locked up in our offices all day long. In the evening we relax at the beach and enjoy the beautiful Gran Canarian weather.


Project Mi5 announces Mi5 Summercamp

Itchy feet, summer holidays, plenty of time and a creative mind?

You found yourself in the description? Maybe it’s time for a short break and a change of the location?

Join us! Spend awesome days at the beautiful island Gran Canaria and exerience a unique summer!

For the first time we are going to organise our Project Mi5 Summercamp. Be part of it and live with other students in a villa close to the beach and turn your home into a Smart Home! How’s that possible?

We offer you the perfect conditions for thinking outside the box! During two weeks in September (25.-30.09.2017) we provide the location and all material – so we need your crazy ideas, your knowledge and your enthusiasm to build and develop new technologies!

The house is located in Maspalomas in the South of Gran Canaria – the spot where the sun always shines. It offers perfect climatic circumstances to use Green Energy to power our Smart Home.


So, how can you take part in this unique experience?

Apply yourself via our registration form, but remember: the seats are limited! Be as creative as you can and explain us why we should choose you!

Find the registration form HERE.

Hopefully we’ll see you soon here in Gran Canaria! 🙂


Next level gaming: the Airhockey demonstrator

It was already exciting to play Airhockey against your friends? The next level of Airhockey will be slightly different: playing against a robot, using smartphones to control robots which will play the game or introducing Autmented Reality into the game. The digitalisation process and the Internet of Things (IoT) allow a wide variety of possible future Airhockey versions.

So, as you might imagine – our next project is on the way!

We are going to develop a demonstrator for AMK that consists of an Airhockey game. This project will be realised in Germany and Gran Canaria, as one part of this Airhockey demonstrator will stay in Germany and the other part here in Gran Canaria. In the end you can maybe even play a game of Airhockey against a team that is 4000km away from you.



This week we started our first Kick-Off Meeting with the German teams, which will be based in the ITQ Headquerter in Munich and in the University of Applied Sciences Aalen. The first tasks were developing a time schedule and a project plan for the upcoming weeks.

Furthermore we  started with first simulations that accompany the demonstrator in the end. A first draft of the gaming field already exists.



From now, the game is on!

Progress in our Smart Projects

After all these events during the last weeks we had time to focus on our Smart Farming and Autonomous Driving projects again – and we make good progress!

Last weekend we presented our Autonomous Driving project at the MOVELEC Salón del Vehículo Eléctrico and received much positive feedback. Now we are focusing on the next step: Therefore we are searching for suitable hardware such as different kind of sensors we can integrate in our vehicle. At the moment we are implementing an Attitude Heading Reference System, which should provide us with x/y/z coordinates to detect the position of our car.



Do you remember our Smart Farming project we presented at the Concurso Exposición de Ganado Selecto 2017? We already ordered all the parts we need for the structure some time ago and now waiting for the delivery from the different suppliers. Meanwhile we are working with a little wooden prototype we set up in the office. We managed to move the structure and to control the motors to perform the desired tasks (as watering the plant, planting the seeds, …). The next big step is working on the corresponding webpage and the cloud services. As it should be possible to control the GardenBot via an App and the website should provide every information about the user and his system, there are still a few programming tasks ahead of us.


Movelec Day 2

The MOVELEC Salón del Automóvil Eléctrico comes to its end and we finish a busy weekend. The best Gran Canarian summer weather awaited the visitors and us at the INFECAR. Therefore there was quite a big rush at the fair as many visitors decided to take a look at the displayed electric vehicles.


We also could listen to a lot of interesting presentations at the presentation stage and test some other electrical vehicles. Furthermore a lot of interested people visited our stand and catched up on our researches in the field of Autonomous Driving.

The visitors had a lot of fun and were pretty impressed by our Mi5 Car.

Yesterday night we worked pretty long to clean our stand and bring all the stuff back to our offices.

We are really happy that we could take part in this event and we are looking forward to the next automobile salon in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria! 🙂

Movelec Day 1


The first day of the MOVELEC Salón del Automóvil Eléctrico is almost over and was really successfully. Beside many interested visitors the president of Gran Canaria, Antonio Morales Méndez, the minister for the Consejería de Desarollo Económico, Energía e I+D+I, Raúl García Brink, Heriberto Dávila, the general manager of Movilidad del Consistorio capitalino and the organisors of the MOVELEC joined the fair. They also didn’t miss the chance to visit our stand and get in touch with us. We had the chance to explain the complany, our projects and the systems we established on our Mi5 Car. Furthermore we had the possibility to take a big group picture with this very important people.



Later we had many interesting discussions with the visitors, who are really impressed by our projects and the aim to establish an autonomous vehicle. They had also a lot of fun with our face recongnition system.

Enjoy some pictures:


We are looking forward to another exciting fair day tomorrow in Infecar and hope to see you there!

Preparations for Movelec Salón del Automóvil Eléctrico

The next fair awaits us tomorrow! From the 7th to 8th of July the Cabildo de Gran Canaria organises a huge fair at the INFECAR: the MOVELEC Salón del Automóvil Eléctrico, a fair for presenting new approaches in the electric vehicle industry.

This Tuesday we got the amazing opportunity to take part in the official press conference where the event was presented to the press and the exhibitors. We didn’t want to miss this chance so Fatima and Lars followed the invitation and went to the main building of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria in Las Palmas.



The press conference was held by Antonio Morales Méndez, the President of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, Raúl García Brink, the minister of the department Consejería de Desarollo Económico, Energía e I+D+I and Heriberto Dávila, the general manager of Movilidad del Consistorio capitalino. They gave some last detailed information for all the exhibitors and general information for the local press.
We are really looking forward to this fair because next to us there will be quite famous international and local companies are going to present their projects. Companies such as Tesla, BMW, Volkswagen or also Gran Canarian businesses are going to cover the topics two and four wheeled vehicles such as electric bicyles, motorcyles and cars.

We will be there and present our Smart Green Island project. Therefore we are going to bring our Twizy and show the audience our first approaches and field studies in the field of Autonomous Driving.



Until we can receive visitors at our fair stand, we have to finish the last preparations: the last sensors have to be installed in the Twizy and we have to make the Twizy „fair-ready“. We are really enthusiastic to show our Autonomous Driving project, which represents one of our many Smart Green Island projects.
If you want to get to know more about all this topics, just visit us on Friday and Saturday at the INFECAR.


A day in Las Palmas

Last week we already presented you the people we work with, here in the Parque Científico Technológico. Now we want to take you on a trip around Las Palmas and our offices.


The Parque Científico Tecnológico is located at the university campus of the Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Even though it’s called the University of Las Palmas the major campus is located in Tafira, aproximately 8km before the gates of the Gran Canarian capital. For the mayority of us, who are living in Las Palmas, that means one thing: trying to catch a yellow Guagua, the public busses, and join the other students every morning.



Finally arrived at the Parque Científico the first face probably everyone, who wants to enter the Edificio Polivalente II, III and IV, Soraya, who we already introduced last week.

60 steps later we arrive at the third floor of the Edificio Polivalente IV – the home of our four offices. 🙂


We already presented you the progress of our Autonomous Driving project some weeks ago. If they are not sitting next to the Twizy in front of the building, you can find Marco and Daniel in our second office.

The third technical office is often distinguished by its continuous humming produced by our delta robot. During the last months it was used quite frequently to present the delta robot during different fairs simultaneously with the complete Smart4i Demonstrator in Germany.
Last but not least we also have our Business office, where all our administrative and organisational tasks are realised.