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It’s showtime – well, nearly. From May 4 till May 10 the Project Mi5 team will join the Interpack fair in Düsseldorf. The German team and members from our Gran Canarian team are going to present the ITQ IoT demonstrator with its different components.

Processing and packaging in the 21st century – that’s the topic of the Interpack fair. The rapid and constant technological changes also affect for example the packaging industry. As such changes demand companies to adapt to the new circumstances, they are often seen as a thread. To show the increadible possibilities offered by the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry4.0 we are going to present the visitors our Powerbank demonstrator – a complete supply chain that begins with the packaging of the cable, continues with an individual selected and printed powerbank and finishes with the final packaging itself. Industry4.0 shows diversity and customized solutions!



While the complete demonstrator will be at the fair in Düsseldorf, our delta robot will stay in Gran Canaria. But that doesn’t mean that that our robot is doing nothing. Quite the contrary, while the different moduls supply the customer demands, our delta robot is working simultaneously: he picks the powerbanks in exact the right moment when it is needed in the supply chain. Therefore we can show how different roboter types can fulfill the same tasks whilst being connected and located 3500km far away from each other.


You want to experience this whole demonstrator in reality? Don’t hesitate and visit us at the Interpack!



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