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The current week was all about connecting:
Connect the Robot Power Supply and connect with people.

But lets first take a step back:


A civil engineering student, who I met at the Erasmus dinner, invited me to join a hiking trip in the south of the Island together with agroup of young people from the island:

Hiking Trip

Hiking Trip


On Sunday then, Mi5 Student Joan from Vic arrived and we moved to our appartment.

Joan will be staying here for 4 weeks, giving support on the first steps here.



Delta Robot – Connecting Cables

At the beginning of this week, we did some progress on the electrical setup of our B&R Delta

We setup an automatic Camera to observe the development:




It will take some more days to have the full setup, however we are satisfied with the progress we achieved. And despite that, it was a lot of fun!


Engineering Students – Connecting People

Today there was a meeting with the director and subdirector of the engineering faculty.
We were given a chance to present the project to a lot of students. Some of them got interested to join the project right away, so we will set up meeting for the next days.


Presentation at Engineering Faculty

Presentation at Engineering Faculty

Public Transport – Connecting Places

In Las Palmas we have been moving exclusively by bus so far. The so-called “guaguas” are well established here and offer a lot of lines, taking you to every part of the city.


Lessons learned:

– When carrying a 2 m cable channel inside a bus, some people will hold on to it, expecting to hold a stable bar
– Strangers will wish you a nice day everywhere
– Pointing out the future role of classical mechanical engineering will not put a smile on every students face


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