Deep Learning – How computers learn

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Have you ever thought about how you, as a human being, learnt how to react to different stimuli? (As this is a quite complex process and we are not biologists, we hope you don’t mind that we don’t explain this.) We rather like to focus on computers and how they could learn by theirselves to distinguish faces or react to stimuli – or basically, Deep Learning.

Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning or Neuronal Networks are just some buzzwords of this late-breaking topic. As we want to spread awareness for this very important topic, there will be an workshop, organized by us, in May.



For this project we’ll get very professional help from the Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. We had a meeting with  professor Cayetano Guerra from the Escuela de Ingeniería Informática and his PhD students David Castillo, Pascual Lorente, Andrea Argudo, Sergio Marrero and Yeray Gutiérrez Cedrés. We had the possibility to present our current different Projects and give an insight view about our work. Now we are in constant exchange to develop an interesting program for the soon upcoming ITQ Deep Learning Workshop Gran Canaria.

We are very excited about our future collaboration!

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