Deep Learning Workshop – Day 1

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The weekend of our Deep Learning Workshop finally arrived and it is still ongoing! Many interested people joined us on the first day to get an introduction into Artificial Intelligence and Neuronal Networks.


We prepared a warm welcome for our participants.


Our workshop started with a general introduction into the topic – where can we already find Deep Learning in our daily life without even be aware o fit? (The applications Siri and Cortana are only one example, because there are so many different types of Neuronal Networks.) Although the biggest progress was made in the last few years in the field of Artificial Intelligence, the roots go back till 1950.


Vizualisation of the content – vivid presentations made our participants understand the topics.


During our lunch break everyone was super excited about the structure and the organization of the workshop as it is simple to understand and the presentations are very vivid.



Mathematics and solving first basic problems in MATLAB were important tasks today


Now our participants already dive deep into the material: besides automatic learning and linear classifiers we already started with the biggest topic of the workshop – the neuronal networks. Therefore we prepared exercises in MATLAB to train everyone for the upcoming tasks tomorrow.

We are really happy about the awesome feedback after just the first hours and we will still enjoy the workshop until night-time. Moreover  we are really looking forward to the second day of our workshop, when the participants have to work in groups on their  own project trying to implement their new knowledge.


More impressions:


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