Delta Robot Workshop @ B&R Austria

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As a component for our upcoming Mi5 Innovation Lab on Gran Canaria, we will use a delta robot. It is supplied by B&R Automation and will be shipped to Gran Canaria in the middle of April.

In order to be well prepared for the integration, three students of our team went to B&R Headquaters in Eggelsberg/Austria for a three-day training.

Lisa Pachler, trainer at the B&R Automation Academy, nicely supported us on the upcoming task of setting up the robot. We found ourselves in a motivated and productive atmosphere and on top of that, the four of us had a really great time.


We started by getting familiar with general axis configurations and the provided mapp-technology concept. Using the provided equipment at the ‘Automation Academy’, the achieved knowledge could directly be applied. On an identical structured robot we analysed the mechanical and electronical setup, especially the automation components. On that basis, we configured the PLC project, that handles the different axes and transformation tasks. Once we managed to execute CNC-programms and the robot started moving for the first time, everyone was cheerful due to the good results of the past three days.

For the upcoming development on Gran Canaria, we are now well prepared and cannot wait to continue working with the robot.


Kilian Vernickel, Jonas Fischer, Franz Enhuber, Kilian Meßmer, Lisa Pachler

Kilian Vernickel, Jonas Fischer, Franz Enhuber (B&R), Kilian Meßmer, Lisa Pachler (B&R)

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