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Hey, this is Martí again. During my last days in Gran Canaria I went to the south to discover a beach with dunes, in Maspalomas. The landscape was amazing! 

I visited Playa del Inglés, swam in the sea, sunbathed, and then walked for a while with my host family until we arrived in front of the dunes. They were so tall that it felt like I was in the Sahara. I still cannot believe what I saw.

But, I worked a bit too 😉 So now it’s time to talk about my job here. For my entire internship, I have been working on the Home Automation project. The main goal of it, as the name says, is to automate a house, which means to have full control of each appliance: interpreting data collected from temperature sensors, humidity sensors, presence sensors, luminosity sensors… and respond accordingly (opening or closing shutters, fans, lights…), as well as having an interface (probably a mobile app) to control it manually.

This project was linked with another one about the Face Recognition project, in which the main goal was to recognise people with a camera and show them personalised messages, tasks or other information. This was a project to implement in Hotels, and with the Home Automation project, we were also able to display the data from the sensors and control the actuators.

As I expected when I applied for this position, I’ve learned so much – mostly a lot of new programming languages. I have had to work with Java language for the Face Recognition program, and with C# to develop an application to connect both KNX devices (sensors) to the Face Recognition program. This was my first application, and I enjoyed this project a lot. I always loved programming and doing so confirmed it to me and I will definitely be able to use these skills in the future.

Now my internship has finished, but I have no doubt I will continue developing GUI applications (graphical user interface), as well as I will apply the knowledge and skills I have learnt to my Mechatronics degree and it will make my degree easier.

See you soon Gran Canaria, or “a reveure” in Catalan,




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