Don’t disturb: Robots at work

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With the move to our new office room, a main actor of our current work also moved to its new home: our delta robot.



The connection to Munich is ready, the final tests are done – everybody is waiting to start the demonstration.

After some days of preparation, the delta robot had to prove that he is ready for a livestream presenation at the Interpack fair 2017.

Together with the Mi5 team in Munich we had to show how our two robots can interact with the ITQ Industry 4.0 Demonstrator which is developed in an international network cooperation. Gran Canaria`s module has to deliver different coloured powerbanks, depending on customer demands.
We are really satisfied with the current status of our powerbank providing magazine even if there is still o a lot of work to do for the presentation at Interpack fair.



In Friday`s demonstration we could already show an idea how the future production could look like and how machines can be connected via the internet of things. The visitors in Munich who could see our module working via live stream were really impressed by the synchronous acting of our delta robot and the six axis robot located in Munich, performing the same task.

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