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Working in the buildings of the Fundación Canaria Parque Científico Tecnológico brings a lot of administratial and organisational tasks to solve. Thankfully we have the nicest people here who help us every day. They are always providing a helping hand when we need it.

Therefore today we want to introduce some of the most essential people that make working here possible.

The first face everyone’s seeing after entering the foyer for the buildings Edificio Polivalente II, III and IV – no matter how early or late it is – is Soraya. She is responsible for this three buildings, that make up the major part of the Parque Científico Tecnológico. If you don’t know where a specific room is, then she’s the right contact person. But she is even more – Soraya is the heart of the building, providing and helping us with everything we need. She also makes appointments with the building administration and books rooms we need for our meetings and the workshops we organise in this building.




Here you see a picture of her at the front desk.


Speaking of the essential people here of course we have to mention Artemis. Probably one of the coolest person in this building. As responsible person for the technical support he is also in charge of communicating the research results of the companies to the university and vice versa. Beside this he is introducing us a lot of important contacts and providing us information about grants and other important things happening in our environment.



On this picture we met him in the spacious co-working and chill-out room. In this nice place we have the possibility to meet other entrepreneurs, exchange creative ideas or just have a drink and play a round chess. 🙂


Furthermore we want to introduce Paula. She is the responsible for business promotion, which means she organises the contracts for renting, allow changes in the offices, provides the furniture for our offices and gives permissions for installing new machines. If there are any kind of problems she always has an open ear for us, trying to fix problems as fast as possible.




Fatima sometimes visits her in her office to discuss some tasks in person, because her office is really close and she is very friendly.


And last but not least there is Maria – thanks to her, we can enter perfectly cleaned and ordered offices every day. With her positive personality she makes us smile everyday and helps us keeping our offices clean and tidy – even the offices from our most chaotic minds 😉 .



We are really glad the be able to work with such awesome people around us! Thank you for always helping us!! 🙂


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