Farewell Jonas, Welcome Lars

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Since July 2016, the Mi5 Student Team Gran Canaria has been working on the B&R delta robot.


As a result, several tasks have been completed during these months:

  • setting up a Simulation of the VDMA Demonstrator.
  • implementing an Image Processing Module for detecting coloured pieces, using MATLAB/Simulink
  • setting up a connection between our 3D B&R delta robot model and the real machine


Our next challenges are:

  • welcoming motivated students who would like to join our Mi5 Student Team Gran Canaria
  • getting known by contacting more professors from other faculties
  • making further progress in the development of the VDMA demonstrator
  • ensuring the availability of our new office/lab soon


And now, we would like to welcome Lars Bornecke to Gran Canaria, who will help us in accomplishing our next steps.

We also welcome Paul Eichinger, who has joined our Gran Canaria Team.



Despite his short stay, the Mi5 Student Team Gran Canaria had the opportunity to work and learn with Jonas Fischer.




Not only has he given us organizational patterns, but he has also taught us how to work as a team and has always provided us with all the resources we needed for our tasks. Additionally, he has always been there to help all of us.

Thank you for all these enjoyable and productive months.

We will miss you!

Hope to see you soon back in Gran Canaria!



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