‘Grand’ Canaria – Through a tourist’s eye

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Hi, my name is Robbie and I’m from Cambridge in the UK. I am on an internship with the company for 6 weeks this summer working on several smart farming projects which I will go into more detail in my next post. I am studying engineering, and this is a great excuse to visit Gran Canaria!

I’m now halfway and I realise now I think I’ve landed the best internship ever! The work environment is very fun and there are lots of amazing minds to solve problems in new ways. It is nice to see the fast progress of projects as pioneering prototypes are developed.

I am living two streets away from Las Canterras beach in a traveller’s co-living space in Las Palmas. This means I get to meet a lot of similar people who are also struggling with the language, and have jobs doing similar things! This makes it very easy to relax when I return from work. Every Wednesday and Friday I will play beach volleyball or football at Arracavenas where everyone loves to meet new people.



So far, I have cycled to Tejeda with a co-worker (which I don’t recommend for a day trip, however the return journey was very fun – we had an average speed of 40kph) the trip took 10 hour in total, and papas arrugas fuelled us up the mountain. Below is a picture of Eric and I as we are nearly at the top of the mountain looking very tired!


As you can see, it was so rewarding- the views seemed to make every drop of energy worth it as we were able to see our houses in the distance, somewhere below the clouds. We stopped at the top for a very traditional Pan y Alioli tapas (bread with garlic butter) and a well-deserved beer.

We have also hiked along the north coast to Galdar, been surfing and experienced the old area of the city several times in the evenings.

I have been surfing on the beach but I haven’t been able to stand up on it yet – I blame the board, I think it’s too small for someone my height! I will keep trying though.

Other highlights include nights out in Veguetta. On Thursday nights, almost every young person in Las Palmas will travel to the old area of the city where a lot of bars will be open until 1am to serve mojitos and tapas (the mojitos are stronger and cheaper than what I am used to – beware). Some nights out in Veguetta have been very entertaining, however I think I should visit one time during the day to really appreciate it!

If the second three weeks of this placement are half as exciting and educational as the first, I will have learnt so much more that I’d have expected, whilst also feeling half like a holiday – I hope I can return in the future!


I’ll be back to write another post in three weeks to talk in more detail about the projects I’ve been working on here.


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