Hannover Trade Fair – H2B22

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Hall 2 – Box 22.

This is, where you can currently find our demonstrator. Since three days, we show the latest developments in the demonstrator. There is a lot of positive feedback from the industry. On day one, we were visited by an indish delegation on our trade fair, where Dr. Stetter explained the intentions behind the demonstrator, that we come not short on mention, are more important than cookie and cocktails. By the way, India is the partner country of the Hannover Fair this year.

Further, Mrs Johanna Wanka, the german minister for education and research visited us. We are also supported with the MEPROMA research project and part of the BMBF (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung) at the fair.



  1. Thomas B.

    I already found the video to it on youtube 😉

  2. Thomas Frei

    Thanks man.

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