Happy 10th Anniversary, FPCT!

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Hi guys! Today I come to talk about the Science and Technology Park Foundation where we are located and where we have our offices. 😉

This year is their tenth anniversary and they will be exhibiting a video about the Foundation, the Science and Technology Park at an event today. For them, the activity in the Science and Technology Park only makes sense if it shows the work done by the companies and researchers working here. And that’s why they wanted to count on us to show up at the video I mentioned earlier!


This Foundation is the common point that Start-Ups and research centres can have. It has more than 50 companies based on innovation, technology and development. It was launched on June 17, 2008 after having built its headquarters in the University Campus of Tafira, where we work. They also have locations in Telde, Arucas and Gáldar (here in Gran Canaria, for those who don’t know our island). Its main objectives are to promote a culture of innovation, encourage the emergence of networks, increase competitiveness and manage R+D. 🙂

For our part, we are glad with the facilities and all the possibilities and advantages that have been offered to us by being part of the Foundation. Congratulations for this 10 years! We hope that there will be many more and that they will count on us to continue growing.

And I’ll see you guys next week! Have a nice weekend 😛

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