Happy Canary Islands Day!

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Good morning guys! As you can see from the title, in the Canary Islands we are celebrating and today we want to tell you a little about our history and culture!

Every year, on 30th May, we commemorate the anniversary of the first session of the Canary Islands Parliament, and in 2018 we celebrate our 35th anniversary! Our archipelago (group of islands) has 7 main islands and some islets. As you know, we are located in Gran Canaria, on the islands closest to the African continent. Our islands, of volcanic origin, are recognized as the largest and most populous archipelago in our region. We have a subtropical climate (although you can already see that in the photos we have shown you) and we have four national parks and all the islands have UNESCO biosphere reserves, and others have World Heritage sites. 🙂

As for the traditional Canarian costume, it changes slightly depending on the island you are on, but women usually wear long skirts in different colours and patterns, a corset, a long waist-high scarf and a hat called a “cachorro” (in English means “puppy”); while men wear a matching shirt and trousers, a sash (usually red or coloured), a vest and a conical helmet adorned with tassels. 😉

Our food is incredible. The best known of our islands are the following:
· Potatoes with mojo (Papas con mojo)
· Gofio (Roasted corn flour)
· Goat cheese (especially from Fuerteventura)
But, even though they are the best known dishes, it doesn’t mean we don’t have more! You can also try our Tirma chocolate bar or our delicious party nougats! 😛

And if you want more, you can always come visit us 😉 See you soon!


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