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As we promised in the previous post, we will tell you about the short preview you saw in relation to the VDMA Demonstrator.

We are now pretty much in a very good line. Throughout this week, we have continued adding and fixing little errors in our powerbank-providing module. One of the things which we improved is the Image Recognition module as we solved the light contrasting problem.

In addition, this week Dr. Stetter paid a visit to the Mi5 Student Team Gran Canaria to have a look on the project and check the progress we achieved in these months. We took the opportunity to reveal him what each one of us had been working on and described how we figured out any kind of difficulty that came across.



Besides, we had the chance of discussing about future ideas and projects which will soon be coming along! Wow!

Additionally, Dr.Stetter and our teammate Lars Bornecke got in contact with several important people. They were among others:

  • Fran Santana who is Director General de Nuevas Tecnologías y Telecomunicaciones del Ayuntamiento de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
  • Roberto Moreno-Díaz and Alexis Quesada-Arencibia, the two conference chairs of the Eurocast Conference on computer aided systems theory

They were particularly cordial and friendly and were extremely pleased and interested on the topics which Dr.Stetter presented to them.

In addition, we would like to remind that the Makeathon (17th February – 20th February) is approaching and we are looking forward to see all of you here!



To add to the list of amazing things which will take place in the Makeathon, all the participants will be able to expose their final presentations in the Eurocast 2017 Conference!

Lastly, we welcome our new taiwanese teammate Kang, who came here for an internship with us.


Although we can see that Kang has disappeared, we introduce you his debugging tool who takes care of his work during his absence!


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