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Hi surfers of internet! How was your week?

Today, I’m going to talk about our team and our company, and, if you like it, I hope you can share this little post with your friends and family 😉

We are a little international family of engineers who learn new things everyday. We face challenges that test our habilitites, our creativity and sometimes our patience. All of us try to collaborate with each other in the projects and that is why we are going to do daily stand-ups to help each other in our projects!

We are motivated everyday to do our best, so if you are a software, electronics, mechanical, robotics or mechatronic engineer, feel free to join us. We want you to have ambition to find solutions for the upcoming enviromental and technological challenges you can face, and when you reach your goal, you can do two things: improve it or search for another challenge that can help you to grow as an engineer.

We have the “freedom” to create new things, but, obviously, that doesn’t mean you can be lazy 😛 We want to embrace areas as Autonomous Driving, Smart Homes, Smart Farming, Smart Mobility, Connected Systems and above all, we want to be in a Smart Green Island, that is why we believe in Green Energy and we want to take advantage of nature’s resources and thus live with it.

We are open to new ideas and to new people 😉 , so if you are interested in join us, contact us at

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