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The sun is shining, the plants are growing – the summer is almost here in Gran Canaria! And we can’t wait to use this perfect weather to start our Farmbot project! Thanks to the great support of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria we are going to receive a spot on the Granja Agrícola Experimental, where we can implement and improve the Farmbot. Therefore we had the possibility to meet Miguel Hidalgo Sánchez, Consejero de Área de Sector Primario y Sostenibilidad Alimentaria, and Pilar Gutierrez, Jefa del Servicio Técnico de la Granja Agrícola Experimental. It was a real pleasure to talk about the opportunities the government offers and the upcoming collaboration.



Furthermore the work with our delta robot. We managed to implement the Beckhoff XTS transport system, which is supposed to transport the powerbanks to the next module in the production process.



As you might notice we had some difficulties with fitting the whole robot and transport system into the room. But with some small adjustments and some people having to move their desks a little bit, we managed to establish it properly. This was already enough physical work for this week so afterwards we focussed again on connecting those two modules and avoiding collisions with the delta robot and the transport system.



But that wasn’t the only thing we did this week: We also attended an interesting event about different types of subsidies. We got many new information and new contacts to realise even more cool projects in the future.


Not to forget: We also have a winner for the Dragon Board 410c!
The winner is José Francisco Lorenzo Hernández. Congratulations! This won’t be the last chance to win something, so stay tuned!

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