Industrie 4.0 – Business Day at VHS ENKG – 26. February

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Mark the day: 26. February!

A business day regarding topics of Industry 4.0, the Volkshochschule Esslingen, Nürtingen, Kirchheimm, Göppingen is hosting a conference. In cooperation with the Fraunhofer IAO, the Stuttgarter Produktionsakademie, Fraunhofer IPA, VDMA and VDI, it will be a day, full of different events.

It is mainly divided into four topics:

  1. “Produktion und Technik” – Production and Technology
  2. “Strategien und Innovation” – Strategies and Innovation
  3. “Arbeitswelt/Arbeitsorganisation” – Working environment and organization
  4. “Qualifikation and Qualifizierung” – Ability and Qualification

We recommend you to visit the event and stay tuned on this topic. It is a chance, not only for us, but also for every participant to exchange thoughts and generate ideas about the future collaboration in this diverse subject of Industry 4.0. For Industry 4.0 has not stopped yet, it has merely started.

You can find the full schedule an further details under this link: VHS-4Business Schedule (PDF – 2.1 MB)

We are looking forward seeing you there!

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