ITQ Summer Event in Ruhpolding

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The summer is here :mrgreen: and once a year all ITQ people coming from Germany and Spain pack our bags and go on  holiday together thanks to Dr. Stetter 😎 . We meet in some nice Bavarian spot, this year Ruhpolding, and have lots of fun and a good time after getting the sh*t done, yeeeah!!

Usually people travel by plane or car you know 🙄 , but we have some crazy ones that spent 8 hours riding bikes under rain for getting here, yeeah very ITQ spirit ❗ ❗

The first night was very relaxed, waiting for the rest of the team to arrive, having some drinks and chilling 😀

Next day the summer event started with short presentations about current and upcoming projects, so everybody could have an overview about what is happening in the company and get to know what is planned for next months 💡

Later we had free time for group activities, with games and some team challenges, hiking and sport. You can guess how much fun we had by seeing the pictures 😛 The weather was ideal with plenty of sun, very Gran Canaria style Emoticon Facebook palmera?

During the evening the mood was awesome and we had so much fun ⭐⭐

It was an amazing weekend 😎 . Thank you to all people that made it possible. It is  awesome to be part of this team ❤❤


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