ITQ wishes a Happy New Year!!

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Hey guys, we hope you had happy and relaxed Christmas and we wish you the best for this new year. May this New Year bring you the dreams and hopes you need to start each new day afresh 🙂

We are very proud of all the projects in which we have been successful and for which we are going to surpass and create this year. We hope that new people will come to work with us, either to learn, to collaborate in new ideas or to carry out new projects that are in line with our goals.


This new year brings a lot of cool projects and events and the closest one is our third Smart Green Island Makeathon, that will take place on 23-26 February. We would like you to live this experience with us and learn how it is to carry out a prototype quickly with everything that goes with it, such as the development process or the use of new technologies. Take a look here and enroll 😉 , we are looking forward to see you there.


“If life seems to bring sadness and tears, show the world how you can laugh at your fears.”

Make life a dream and your dream a reality. Happy New Year!

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  1. Tai

    Hallelujah 2018❤️??????♻️


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