It’s about to start: our Summercamp

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There are only a few hours left until our first Project Mi5 Summercamp starts. While the first participants are already going to arrive today, there was a lot to do during the last days.



Beside providing all the electronical, technical and mechanical components, that should be used during the Summercamp to build new, fantastic prototypes and establish life-changing technological solutions in the area of Smart Home, we had to prepare the villa, the venue of our Summercamp, to host around 15 people. Therefore we also prepared the garden and the pool, as the weather here in Gran Canaria is still sunny and summerlike.

We hope that this beautiful weather will boost creativity and push the motivation of our participants even more! Are you already as curious as we are? Stay tuned for our updates and accompany us during our first Summercamp in Maspalomas.


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