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We could always say that it all started in Vic, in a meeting room. The kick-off meeting took part during the 25th of February.


In the meeting, the first point was that all members presented themselves to each other, explaining a little bit about their current situation and the tasks they like most. It was a really great moment, as we took a first impression about the motivation of the group members, which was really good. The new team is composed with a wide range of skills, as it consists with five members, which disciplines are concerned between Mechatronic and Electronic Engineering, Apps and Games and Multimedia. And as the name says, we all agreed that MI5 is fully interdisciplinary.


During the kick-off meeting, the members started to get used to the concepts of Industry 4.0. Joan Mauri, who’d already participated in the MI5 Munich, explained to the group members how should the team work to achieve all goals, and so the ideals of the MI5 group and what does it really mean, based in his own experience. Then, we proceed to introduce to the Scrum Agile Methods, which autonomy and commitment are important values.


And with this motivation we started the Brain-writing, with the 6-3-5 Method, as a creative technique that provides an effective and simple way to recollect innovative ideas to develop our system. After thirty minutes (probably the most effective and procreative of my whole life) we came out with really good ideas.


Brain writing

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  1. Thomas Frei

    Awesome picture, I like it. I hope we can have something similar in Munich, too. Good job with the team-members as well. I will add Matheus’ home university to the map.
    Hasta luego! Thomas


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