Internet of Things (IoT) in real life

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Ever tried to control a robot that’s right next to you? You have to find the bugs in your code, adding a missing comma or finding the error when your simulation suddenly crashes. But at least you can physically go to your robot and adjust small changes of the hardware within minutes.

Now imagine that there are 4000km between you and the robot you want to control. Sounds like dreams of the future? Well, thanks to the internet of things this is already possible, and we are right in the thick of it!

This week we managed to establish a connection between the Mi5 team in Munich and our Delta robot in Gran Canaria. Now the German team can select a different-coloured powerbank while still being in Munich and our robot here picks the right one and delivers it. The next step to an intelligent and connected production process is already done!



Furthermore it’s time to say goodbye to the next teammember: after five months on the beautiful island Johannes is heading back to Munich.

But if one German goes, the next German is already here to work with us: Marco Öchsner is going to support our Autonomous Driving project till October. Maybe we will already see some prototypes driving around the office in the near future? 😉


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  1. Tai Ding

    Super! Wonderful! Enjoy!


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