Lots of new faces

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We’re in the middle of August and summer has reached its peak – that means: empty offices, people on holidays and no new tasks, right?



Even though the temperatures in Gran Canaria are on a constant rise, the sun is shining the whole day and the majority of the population of Las Palmas enjoys the weather at the beach, our four offices at the Parque Científico Tecnológico are quite crowded!

We have a lot of new summer interns who want to spend their summer holidays improving their knowledge and skills.



Furthermore we also got new teammembers that are going to accompany us long term for 6 months or even longer! We are really keen to start all the new projects with new manpower and a lot of great ideas.

But we aren’t locked up in our offices all day long. In the evening we relax at the beach and enjoy the beautiful Gran Canarian weather.


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