Makeathon day 1 – The beginning of something big

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The first day is still ongoing but we’re doing our first resumé. We are very happy about the start of our Makeathon: the sun is shining, it is T-Shirt weather and everyone is dreaming about lying at the beach. But, to be honest, having the possibility of challenging your own minds and creating new prototypes with students from 12 different countries is even more exciting.



Therefore around 120 participants from many different countries came to the INFECAR – now all dressed in eye-catching lime green T-Shirts.
With a short welcome ceremony we welcomed everyone and gave a short insight in the upcoming event. Later our industrial and academic partners presented their own Industrial Challenges – important topics for the near future – challenges we all have to face. But after all those theoretical part it was time to get things done!



During the Speeddating session everybody had the possibility to discuss with our sponsors and guests about different approaches for dealing with the challenges in industry 4.0


We now have many different teams trying to build different prototypes – from smart farming to smart mobility. Now they’ll have time until Monday to build and improve their prototypes. We are very curious about the outcome of every team and are looking forward to this evening`s presentations where they present their first ideas.



The first compontents are already being put together.



Many students found their way to the INFECAR in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria – and are just as excited as we are to develope, build and test their prototypes. During the last pitch today they had the chance to give an Update of their first achievements.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Jonas

    Awesome! Looking forward to hear more about the event! Have fun!


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