Makeathon Preparations

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This week we were super busy with the preparations of the upcoming Makeathon. It has been a really busy, chaotic and enjoyable week!

We are expecting more then 150 particpants thus we have ordered more than 3000 bottles of water and 1500 soft drinks for you to boost up your energy 🙂

As you can see in this small preview, we will be having tons of hardware such as raspberry pi, arduinos, motors, shields, sensors, displays and many more impressive and exceptional material to make sure that you live it up to the most! You will get to see all this stuff at the event!

While some people are super busy with the preparations of the Makeathon other teammates keep on doing an awesome job in makin progress in our engineering projects. At the moment we are really focused towards our self-driving car project. And because our teammates really love what they do, they still carry on programming at night outside the office! Wow!

There are some other really cool news, but I think you have to wait for the next post…

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