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It is day number 5 after the Smart Green Island Makeathon and we are still busy with the post-event preparations. Nevertheless we still want to take some time to sum up the last weekend.



Last Friday we welcomed a total of 160 participants from 14 different nations – the participants with the longest journey came from Colombia! To give our participants an idea about what type of prototype they can develop and current researches in the fields of smart farming, smart mobility, smart houses and more.
Thanks to our present guests from AMK, Siemens, Mitsubishi Electric, Gruppo ASA and the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria everyone had the chance to get more into the topic and have some interesting conversations about the challenges the companies have to face during the current changes.



Later the participants formed overall 12 teams – some of them picked an industry challenge presented by one of our guests, some of them had their own ideas in the field of „Green Smart Island“. Fantastic ideas – which seemed at the beginning hard to realize within 4 days but our participants showed so much dedication, passion and were really ambitious to finish their prototypes.



To make sure everyone survives this first day, we had a huge and delicious Canarian buffet for lunch – tortilla, potatoes, croquettes, chicken and salsa.  If that didn’t satisfy our teams and motivated them to continue working, we don’t know what else would.

Already on Friday evening we could hear the first concepts of the teams and their schedule for the next days. We were impressed about what they could already achieve within just some hours and were excited for the upcoming days.



Therefore we weren’t surprised that even after a long night of working and eating tapas, our teams showed up at the INFECAR even before the event officially started to continue their projects. Saturday was all about creating and continuing the prototypes, therefore the teams had the complete day to work. In the meantime our Spanish participants from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria joined us to participate at the Robotics Workshop who took part simultaneously at the coworking space in the INFECAR. There the teams had the possibility to enlarge their knowledge in the field of robotic/informatic science thanks to the help from a team of the UAS Technikum Wien, who offered the workshop. Their task was to programm different robots in a supply chain within two days. A hard task, especially when you don’t have much precognition in this field, but the students were motivated to learn and fulfill their tasks.



While our Robotics Workshop participants already had to finalize their products on Sunday and give their final presentations, our Makeathon participants used their third day to make big progress: the first teams already began to build their prototypes and you could already see the contour of a sailing boat or a little urban greenhouse. Nevertheless, Sunday afternoon was reserved for our special guests: Bernd Bäzner from Tesla Motors and Dr. Tobias Rodemann from the Honda Research Institute Europe. The two representatives prepared presentations about their companies and the challenges they have to face during this technological and environmental change. The topics about autonomous driving, smart houses, smart farming or smart mobility suited our theme „Green Smart Island“ perfectly.



Finally – Monday the final day arrived. Our teams were already quite nervous but also excited about presenting their prototypes. As the final pitches were presented in front of our sponsors, all guests and visitors as well as in front of the other teams, we offered two workshops about how to present a final pitch. The teams only had 2:30 minutes to present their project with its technical features and the team behind this idea.



In the end we could see a huge progress in their presenting skills and the whole audience was very fascinated about the outcome, having in mind that every team had only four days to develop the idea.

To celebrate the end of this Makeathon we met later at the city centre of Las Palmas, before the mayority of the participants had to leave Gran Canaria the next day.


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