The faces behind the Social Media

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Good morning guys! How was your week? Today we are going to find out who we are behind the Marketing team. 🙂

María was doing her internship with us for three months and now she is going to México! She is studying two careers at the same time, Tourism and Business Administration and Management. She’s a very cheerful girl with a lot of creativity. She was making photos for Instagram and she brought us new ideas to make the company known on social media, it was super funny having her working with us. We hope we will see her very soon!

On the other hand, there’s me. I am a Marketing Technician. I consider myself a curious girl with a great desire to learn new things every day. I also like to bring new ideas to the “Crazy thinking” department we have in the company and I usually take care of accounting and administration details. Ah! And I also write the posts every week. 😉


And, well, nice to meet you all, see you soon 😛

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