Meet me at the . . . sala de reuniones

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As our projects are constantly growing and growing and we are getting more teammembers nearly every week, it’s quite hard to keep the overview.



Therefore we organised a small team meeting for everyone to present all projects, giving a short update about the current status and explaining the upcoming tasks. That was also a great opportunity to discuss different approaches for the existing problems and now we are a step closer in our projects – thanks to this great teamwork.


Common clichés about meetings …

… did not came true (thankfully!). The presentations were kept short and simple so everyone could understand them and didn’t get bored. It seems like the Spanish are also adapting to German efficiency. 😉


We are also saying Goodbye to our Taiwanese teammember – Kang is already back home. We hope that you’ll get used to the cold temperatures again after spend such a long period on this sunny island.

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