Movelec Day 2

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The MOVELEC Salón del Automóvil Eléctrico comes to its end and we finish a busy weekend. The best Gran Canarian summer weather awaited the visitors and us at the INFECAR. Therefore there was quite a big rush at the fair as many visitors decided to take a look at the displayed electric vehicles.


We also could listen to a lot of interesting presentations at the presentation stage and test some other electrical vehicles. Furthermore a lot of interested people visited our stand and catched up on our researches in the field of Autonomous Driving.

The visitors had a lot of fun and were pretty impressed by our Mi5 Car.

Yesterday night we worked pretty long to clean our stand and bring all the stuff back to our offices.

We are really happy that we could take part in this event and we are looking forward to the next automobile salon in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria! 🙂

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