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After more than 5 months it was time for a team trip to Bavaria again – thanks to Dr. Stetter we got an Invitation to the ITQ Summer Event. Therefore nine of us had the possibility to enter the airplane to Munich last Wednesday. That meant from the Gran Canarian summer we were heading to the German spring.



Before leaving with the Munich ITQ team to the hotel on Friday, we had the chance to visit the beautiful Bavarian capital Munich. As not everyone of us already had been in Munich, we gave them a small introduction into German culture – especially the food and the beer. ?



But the main part was still to come – on Friday we met the dynamic Munich ITQ team (employees and students) to take the bus to our final destination: the Aktivhotel in Aschau im Chiemgau.

The summer event started with short presentations from every team to present their current projects and their upcoming tasks. So we could present what we are doing all the time in Gran Canaria and at the same time get to know what the company in Germany is planning.

Later we had some free time to explore the surroundings of our hotel – which were practically mountains and trees. But the weather was ideal for a small hiking tour.



During the dinner and the evening we had the awesome possibility to get to know great people, make new friends. We had much fun during the karaoke and party night!

Finally, Saturday was the games day – every team had to prepare some funny games to compete against each other. So every time we had work together in different teams (getting to know more and more nice people) and try to beat the countdown. The games were full of speed and demanded to think and work fast while having fun. Therefore we had to defuse virtual bombs, throwing eggs from a house without letting them break or building parts of a robot from just woodsticks, paper and tape.

But, as you know, pictures say more than a thousand words. Therefore we have a small gallery with impressions from the weekend:



We would really like to thank all people who made this weekend possible and the people who spent this time with us. It was really awesome what a team can achieve in such a small time – and we can always be faster.

Thank you to be part of this awesome team! 🙂



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