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Throughout this week, we carried on working and fixing little errors in relation to the VDMA Industry 4.0 Demonstrator. Some were related to the Image Recognition Module, whereas others were linked to the Simulation.

Additionally, the Student Gran Canaria Team had the chance to attend a Networking Event which was organized by SPEGC and the Fundación Parque Technológico de ULPGC. It was an incredible opportunity for us to join and gather all together and get to know about other companies. The main target of this event is to let people learn what other companies are working on, share their experiences and mostly allow young entrepreneurs to present their ideas too.

Usually, this event is setup either at the SPEGC or at the Fundación Parque Tecnológico de Canarias.

There were several presentations which took place, in which each company and young entrepreneurs explained their ideas, concepts and showed us what services they were developing regarding latest technologies. Our teammate, Lars Bornecke, was able to give an improvised presentation to talk about ITQ, ProjectMi5 and the Makeathon.

After an enjoying morning of presentations and gathering all together, we were kindly invited to fill our stomach with a variety of delicious pizzas.

Thank you SPEGC and FCPCT ULPGC for this nice treat!

Ultimately, we would like to add that now we have a marvelous and wonderful CAD model of the VDMA Industry 4.0 Demonstrator! Yaay! The CAD Model was completly restructured and is now fully constraint. We are still working on it´s progress and will present you some more Screenshots soon.

And I would like to make a special remind to you; the Makeathon is drawing near (17th February – 20th February). The last one which took place, was a rememberable one!

Do you want to know more? Wait until our next post! Come and join us and be part of this electrifying event!


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