New offices, Yaay!

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During this week, Dr. Stetter visited us to check on the project. We explained and showed him all of our achievements so far, as well as all the inconveniences we have faced. Additionally, we spoke about the next steps in the project for the following weeks.

He told us about the importance of this project as a way to prove ourselves as a good, working and productive team to encourage other companies to bring new projects to Gran Canaria.

Our teammate, Carlos Uziel, has been working on a marketing campaign for the last two weeks. He has been involved in tasks such as designing posters or writing brochures’ content. The objective of this campaign is to promote the project on the different faculties of the university.

As an important milestone, we have finally accquired our new office at the Parque Tecnológico.

The Mi5 Student Team Gran Canaria had to disassemble the B&R delta robot to install it in the new office. As a result, we spent the whole morning in the process, transporting all the parts by car, in addition to the rest of the hardware that was lying around in the laboratory.



We welcome a new member to our team, Johannes Vater, who will focus his internship on automation driving.




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