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We are happy to announce new partnerships with the University of Las Palmas. Last week we our teammates Fatima and Lars had the opportunity to meet some of them.


Juan Luis Navarro Mesa – Director de la EITE (Escuela de Ingeniería de Telecomunicación y Electrónica) – who is very passionate about helping us with our future projects, had some time to welcome two of our team members. We are so glad that he shares his experience and passion with us. He wants to support us during our events and we are happy that we have such a competent contact person on our side. Last week he also provided us help by loaning a 3D printer, which our participants at the Makeathon can use.


Furthermore we had the chance to talk to Gerardo Martín Lorenzo, the Subdirector de Prácticas de Empresa, Comunicación e Inserción Laboral de la EIIC, who already supported us during the last Makeathon. We explained him our current and upcoming projects.


The next person welcoming us was Vicente Henríquez Concepción – director del departamento de Ingeniería de Procesos. We had an interesting chat and are happy about his interest for our project. He is very passionate about the idea of building an electrical car together. Thanks to his big knowledge in this field we’ll get the opportunity to take part at different workshops.


We hope that our future car will also be as cool and interesting as our current project.


Finally we also want to thank Daniel Hernandez from the Escuela de Ingeniería Informática who helped us with screens and equipment for our upcoming Makeathon. He is a passionate supporter since the beginning of our activities in Gran Canaria.



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