Next level gaming: the Airhockey demonstrator

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It was already exciting to play Airhockey against your friends? The next level of Airhockey will be slightly different: playing against a robot, using smartphones to control robots which will play the game or introducing Autmented Reality into the game. The digitalisation process and the Internet of Things (IoT) allow a wide variety of possible future Airhockey versions.

So, as you might imagine – our next project is on the way!

We are going to develop a demonstrator for AMK that consists of an Airhockey game. This project will be realised in Germany and Gran Canaria, as one part of this Airhockey demonstrator will stay in Germany and the other part here in Gran Canaria. In the end you can maybe even play a game of Airhockey against a team that is 4000km away from you.



This week we started our first Kick-Off Meeting with the German teams, which will be based in the ITQ Headquerter in Munich and in the University of Applied Sciences Aalen. The first tasks were developing a time schedule and a project plan for the upcoming weeks.

Furthermore we  started with first simulations that accompany the demonstrator in the end. A first draft of the gaming field already exists.



From now, the game is on!

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