Next steps in our Autonomous Driving project

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Tesla, Google and co. are already trying, performing and showing their first results in this field – Autonomous Driving. As we are also aware that this would be the future of how transportation will look like in a few years, we are currently doing our own researches. Main actor therefore is our Mi5 Car, which should turn from an electric vehicle into an autonomous electric vehicle.




As Marco is doing his thesis about the topic Autonomous Driving, he is currently trying to implement first steps for this transition process. We connected out monitoring system to the Twizy to get information about the vehicle status and performance data. By connecting it with a SIM card we can get all the information visualized in an App. The App interface shows for example the position of the car or performance data as the possible range of the car.




We are really excited about the next steps!


You are also interested in the field of Autonomous Driving? We are looking for motivated people who want to join our Autonomous Driving project here in Gran Canaria! Just send us your CV to and be part of the team!

Cars are not your field of interest? You prefer programming robots or topics as Smart Farming or programming robots ? Then don’t hesitat and send your CV also, as we offer a wide range of different projects with different topics. We are always searching for enthusiastic people, who can also think outside the box.

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