Our Face Recognition project!

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Last week I told you about our search for more brilliant minds to join us in our daily lives, and today, I want to tell you about the brilliant minds we already have in our company.

We are creating a recognition system to put it in our Smart Villa! We want the villa to be automatic and with this and other projects we are working in, we are sure it will be an awesome place to be.

These are the guys who are developing the project:



Daniel and Giovanni have shown us what is the project about and I’m going to give you a little summary:

Face Recognition is a program related with Home Automation that will be placed in our Smart Villa, and it has functions like, as it is called, it recognise you, you can leave messages to other users, it can show information about the house in which is placed, and, also, connected with another project we are doing, you can know the temperature of the house, the weather and things like that. It is amazing, no? 🙂

We are doing an app for mobiles so you can register your name, take a photo so the system recognise you, leave messages as I said… And we are trying to make the site fit both mobile and PC too.

Here you can see the firsts drafts:

You can use it for your own house or in hotels, or in business too! Right now, most of all, we want to change the detection sensor and improve the interface with more ideas, but we still have a long way to reach our goal. We will talk about it again when we have it more advanced.

As you can see, we do cool things here 😉 Have a nice weekend, see you!

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