Our Home Automation project by our new guy!

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Today we present Martí Solà! He has come from Vic, Barcelona, to do his internship. He is going to stay with us for two months! We hope this is enough time for him to enjoy and learn more than he already know 😉
He is studying mechatronics, a mixture of mechanics, robotics, electronics and computer science, at the University of Vic – Central University of Catalonia.



If you remember the post of our Face Recognition project, we told you that there was another project which it was related, and that is where Martí is working on! It is called Home Automation and tries, as in the other, to connect the operation of the house with an intelligent system.



The hardware can detect all the necessary things such as the human presence, temperature an humidity by using detection and luminosity sensors. The programs he is using are ETS5 and Niagara 4 workbench. Now, to connect to the network, he is learning OPC in Java!
All this can be implemented in our Smart Villa when it is finished, isn’t cool?! 😛

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