Our Past Week in Las Palmas

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Hey guys! How was your weekend? We hope you enjoyed it and we hope too you started the new week with the biggest smile!! 🙂

Throughout the last week, we have been busy with our projects, some preparing details for the Makeathon, such as inventory (counting all the materials and organizing them) or designing the banners that you will see when the date comes, others doing interviews,

others taking care if the FarmBot is running well, others taking care of software and learning how to use them… we’ve done everything you can imagine!



We are also installing a new office on the ground floor of the Parque Científico Tecnológico, take a look!

We’ll show you better when it’s finished inside, that’s just the outside (the door is at the back 🙂 ).








Only the weather is a little bit crazy… It can go from very sunny to completely cloudy. To give you an idea, these photos are only an hour apart…


… and noooooow: this is the weather in the south of the island 😀


But, anyway, we’re good here, and there’s nothing better than having a full stomach to have the strength to keep working!


See you soon, have a nice week! 🙂


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