“Pack mas” to Munich!

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Yes! That’s right! The Mi5 Student Team Gran Canaria is on the way to Germany!

A dream come true!

Kindly Dr. Stetter has invited our Team to spend some days in Munich. We are looking forward to take part at the hackathon and to meet the other students, that are also working on the VDMA-Demonstator. Especially we are excited to join the ITQs Christmas party.

We will also have the chance to present the modules on which we have been working on.

We still have to prepare ourselves to head into this exciting trip.

To get ready for this exciting journey, we have made a checklist in order to remember taking all our important things.

things to do            checklist                munich

During the week, we discussed which stuff and equipment we need to take with us, and we decided that its necessary to take some bavarian lessons before!


While packing our bags, we received the happy news that another member is also joining us on this trip, but he will fly by himself. See you in Munich!


All of us are enthusiastic and excited to go on this trip. We are just a little bit afraid about the cold weather because we are absolutly not used to it. For this case we made some test runs with the warmest clothes we could find.


Thank you Dr.Stetter for this amazing opportunity, bis bald!

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  1. Stefan

    Nice to see you again soon here in Munich!


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