Progress in our Smart Projects

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After all these events during the last weeks we had time to focus on our Smart Farming and Autonomous Driving projects again – and we make good progress!

Last weekend we presented our Autonomous Driving project at the MOVELEC Salón del Vehículo Eléctrico and received much positive feedback. Now we are focusing on the next step: Therefore we are searching for suitable hardware such as different kind of sensors we can integrate in our vehicle. At the moment we are implementing an Attitude Heading Reference System, which should provide us with x/y/z coordinates to detect the position of our car.



Do you remember our Smart Farming project we presented at the Concurso Exposición de Ganado Selecto 2017? We already ordered all the parts we need for the structure some time ago and now waiting for the delivery from the different suppliers. Meanwhile we are working with a little wooden prototype we set up in the office. We managed to move the structure and to control the motors to perform the desired tasks (as watering the plant, planting the seeds, …). The next big step is working on the corresponding webpage and the cloud services. As it should be possible to control the GardenBot via an App and the website should provide every information about the user and his system, there are still a few programming tasks ahead of us.


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